Excel 2010 to Excel 2013–A full-fledged self-service bi tool!

Microsoft has made major investments in BI for Excel 2013 with the goal to make Excel a full-fledged self-service BI tool. PowerPivot and Power View now come integrated within the Excel experience in the client and Web App via SharePoint and Excel Services. Now you can extend Excel to include Web services content by creating and embedding the new Office Apps right into Excel, which will allow them to work in the client and in the Web App. You can also access your data when you’re on the go with increased touch input experiences as well as sharing options.


A few things to consider before migrating:

  • Once you convert to 2013, you cannot open in 2010, nor can you revert back.
  • Some calculations do not work in 2013 and can break the book (only found when you convert).
  • All calculations must be verified as some (change) and give bad results. Must do full land through testing.
  • Some calculations take excessively longer in 2013 for the same calculation
  • Must have 2013 SharePoint to host the files if you want to download, however user with 2010 can use the Web site to view, etc.
  • Third party tools and plugins, like Visual Studio may not yet be compatible with Office 2013.

Need help? Every customer has unique needs and Extended Results can help. We offer a comprehensive, customizable suite of services to help you plan and migrate your existing Microsoft platform of SharePoint and Excel to the latest versions. Read more about our Office 2013 Readiness Services to help your organization get migrated.


Enjoy, Patrick

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