SQL SQL 2012 Launch and Power View Samples–U.S. Government Budget vs. Spend

The report below is from a data set we pulled from the U.S. Government for the 1976-2016 time frame. We pulled budget vs. actual spend data which we found to be absolutely amazing! WHY? Because we had no idea what and where our government spends money until now!  Power View really enables some interesting analytics capabilities.  In the report below, across the top you have the different departments you can slice against which then shows you the budget vs. spend for that department.  Also, shows the children of that department on the left hand side of the report.  Truly amazing the type of analytical Power View can enable.   We’ll have some other views coming out soon showcasing other great scenarios of government spend animated over time using Power View.  Should be a lot of fun.



Should you have any questions in regards to using, upgrading and deploying Microsoft SQL Server 2012, please visit our SQL SQL 2012 Readiness page on our web site.



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