SQL SQL 2012 Launch and Power View Samples–Corporate Dashboards

At Extended Results, we have always been at the forefront of Microsoft Business Intelligence products.  We have be a part of the many TAP and Beta programs around the business intelligence stacks within Microsoft.   We are excited about the launch of SQL 2012 and all the amazing new features that we can take advantage of for our customers.  One feature we would like to highlight is Power View and some of the amazing report writing capabilities you have in such a simple interface.

We recently completed a project for a customer who wanted to try some examples of their corporate reporting within Power View.  They we interested in the time to create a report “On-Demand” so that they could meet business reporting needs quickly.   We created several views for them in a few days.  The two examples below show a corporate dashboard and a second report that is interactive and using the PLAY functionality found in Power View.  Great layout and very interactive.  Very cool.

pv02   pv01

Should you have any questions in regards to using, upgrading and deploying Microsoft SQL Server 2012, please visit our SQL SQL 2012 Readiness page on our web site.



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