WorkPlace for Mobile – Taking Your “WHOLE” Business Mobile

The real value behind WorkPlace for Mobile is its ability to take all your enterprise web applications mobile instantly.  Want to have access to that ERP solution no matter if you are using a smartphone or a media tablet? Want access to your corporate web portals?  Want instant access to your reporting solution?  Sure, WorkPlace for Mobile can do that.

Using our WorkPlace Edge Server, we can provide secure and encrypted access to your enterprise using the security models and systems you already have in place.  Why introduce a new security solution when you should leverage what you already have.  WorkPlace for Mobile will just integrate in.


WorkPlace for Mobile is SMART too. If you are the CFO of the company, you get just the applications and content that you need to have access too.  If you are the marketing manager, you will get just the applications and content that you need access too.   WorkPlace for Mobile has roaming employee profiles so that you can deliver the right applications and tools to your employees so they don’t have to go hunting around for them.


Having that kind of access, you can now Take Your Business Mobile on any mobile device.  Want to get access to your ADP solutions?  Want to get access to your NetSuite solution?  WorkPlace for Mobile can provide Instant access to your enterprise applications no matter where your employees may be working.  You have already written the applications, WorkPlace for Mobile can help you deliver them.


Just imagine the possibilities having your enterprise applications instantly available to your employees no matter where they are located.  They could be in another part of the building, a conference room, a local coffee shop or on a business trip to New York.  No matter where they are, they can have their business in the palm of their hands.

Want to take WorkPlace for Mobile for a test run in your company?   Check out our product web site at and contact us for more information.



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