The Chartjunk Debate: A Close Examination of Recent Findings

This is a great paper on building analytics and charts that actually make sense!  Great read and I totally agree where Stephen Few is going in the paper.   I’m also a Tutfe fan.

imageThis edition of the newsletter takes a look at recent developments in the "chartjunk" debate: do chart embellishments reduce or enhance effectiveness? I was prompted to address this old and often poorly argued debate because of a recent study by researchers at the University of Saskatchewan titled "Useful Junk? The Effects of Visual Embellishment on Comprehension and Memorability of Charts", which has caused quite a buzz since its release. Proponents of embellished charts have hailed this study as vindication of their practices. In this time of growing interest in data visualization and the critical role it can play as we strive to better understand our world and improve decisions, we should know what this study actually demonstrates and what it doesn’t. Read "The Chartjunk Debate: A Close Examination of Recent Findings" for my assessment.


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