The Secrets Of Time Management… Revealed

The below video is a project we did where we took PowerPivot, Excel 2010 and Exchange and created a time management analytical application.   Check out the video below.



“As a professional worker, you may wonder where you are spending your time and if that time is being optimized.  Bruno Aziza caught up with Eric Swift, the head of the SharePoint division at Microsoft.  Eric walked Bruno through a typical day, one that would overwhelm just about anybody if not managed properly.  How does he do it?  In the past, managing his day consisted of adding more and more time to accommodate extra meetings, many times not realizing his priorities weren’t aligned properly.  This changed just recently when Eric discovered a new time management tool, Calendar Analytics.  Calendar Analytics helped Eric analyze his past meetings and told him where he was spending his time.  How does it do this?  Watch the video to learn more!”

2 thoughts on “The Secrets Of Time Management… Revealed

  1. Time management is the process of managing tasks, projects and goals. It is useful to increase the efficiency and productivity of the business. Time management referred to work activities and also any completion of project depends upon time and scope.

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