SAP Mobile BI Directions, They should look at PushBI

I totally agree with this statement.  Wait until they see WorkPlace for Mobile next month.  We are going to nail it!!!

From Aberdeen

imagePersonally, I find myself thinking more and more these days about the wisdom of native apps for BI on mobile devices – despite what my research data might suggest.  I have seen some very attractive mobile BI displays recently rendered using  HTML5 in a browser.

My concern with native apps is whether they are going to take us back to the bad old days that we saw with client-server in the early 90′s. Back then, everyone wanted powerful software on their desktop, but it ultimately all became too complex for corporate IT to manage. 

Are native apps on mobile devices going to take us back to a similar (ultimately untenable) situation?  Is mobile BI delivered via a browser going to be good enough?  I rather think it might be -but what do you think?


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