Government Spending and Revenue Chart

The BI used in the federal government communicates a very simple message.   We spend more than we take in.  I wonder what part of the following chart our elected officials do not get?  Would love to know so something could be created that would get the message to them.   The following chart is simple and clean and points to the issues.

Though, can anyone really project an accurate budget out 5 year or 10 years or 70 years!?   Come on, I don’t believe that…   I would love to know what planning software they use….


2 thoughts on “Government Spending and Revenue Chart

  1. Interesting chart Patrick! Though I’m sure BI is beginning to infiltrate some government departments and agencies, I’m wondering – does the President have a BI dashboard? 🙂 Nothing like seeing the numbers/images right in front of you to drive the point home.

    Though I’d like to think the answer is as simple as implementing BI, I suspect it’s a bit more complicated than that.


  2. Government sector also uses the business analysis to make report sheet. As we all know that the government projects are too wide so they require special intelligence to hendal the business process. So, every government people have the knowledge of BI in brief today.

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