Windows Slate and Mobile Business Intelligence–PushBI Mobile

Checkout our screenshots of our PushBI Mobile BI client for the Windows Slate devices.   We are pretty excited about the Window Slate environment because it opens up a lot of enterprise usage scenarios and mobile business intelligence is just one part of that story.   We decided to go thick client experiences on the slate devices because it opens up some WorkPlace opportunities for us.  More on that to come.

Visit our product site:

The application starts out at a Windows Gadget on the desktop that are your favorite metrics. 


Tap on the gadget above and get the KPI wall below.



Full filtering available on the KPI wall



Drill down into a KPI with just a Touch.



Want to deliver your other enterprise applications through our application?  You can do that with WorkPlace Mobile!  All built in and secure!!   More to come on this feature.


Here it is on the Motion Computing device who we also partner with.  I bet they are pretty excited about this!!


Email me with questions



PS.  Coming soon,  Android Honeycomb, Cisco Cius and HP TouchPad

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