HP Gives Up on Business Intelligence and Analytics Markets

No one has seemed to notice that in the last several months, Hewlett-Packard has quietly made changes to its participation in the enterprise software market; this will significantly change HP’s value for CIOs and IT organizations in regards to business intelligence (BI) technologies.

Essentially, the change is this: The company has decided to leave the BI market, which includes analytics and data warehousing software. It will do this by shutting down its marketing, sales and product efforts with HP Neoview and related technologies. This major shift comes in the middle of HP’s executive transition from Mark Hurd as CEO to Leo Apotheker.

This is a puzzling decision as HP had been building a seasoned sales organization in BI and focus on analytics across industries. I wrote recently about the relationship between the HP CEO scandal and its dedication to enterprise software, noting that it was neither funding that area for growth nor making acquisitions, which it has done in other areas. I also wrote that HP had an opportunity to advance HP Neoview (See: “HP Perseveres in Data Warehousing with Neoview”) but that doing so would require investments in marketing and the completeness of the product offering for analytics and solutions. HP had begun to address the latter issue by reselling Informatica although it was not taking steps to acquire software companies as its competitors are doing.

Now the whole landscape is changing: As the stakes for capturing customer commitment increase, HP appears to have no clear replacement strategy or enhanced offering for its current customers or prospects for BI solutions

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Source: http://www.ventanaresearch.com/blog/commentblog.aspx?id=4066
Source: http://www.information-management.com/blogs/business_intelligence_analytics_HP_data_management-10019234-1.html

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