Dresner mobile BI survey reveals interest, trepidation. PUSHBI v3–Mobile Business Intelligence @mobilebi @pushbi @extendedresults

Ok, I can agree and disagree with this survey.  We have a product call PushBI which is a mobile business intelligence solution which you can find out more information at www.PUSHBI.com.    Mobile Business Intelligence needs to be approached from a very specific usage scenario which a lot of the vendors out there are missing.   Anyway, you can click through the link below and listen to the podcast.

Source: http://searchbusinessanalytics.techtarget.com/podcast/Dresner-mobile-BI-survey-reveals-interest-trepidation?

We are in the process of putting out our version 3 of the product at the end of October and we have learned a lot in nearly 3 years of development and enhancements.  Our version 3 product has several customers in beta right now.  It is pretty exciting the size of the companies we have in beta and our solution is evening being used in compete situations when it comes to large data warehousing and business intelligence software purchases.   We believe our PUSHBI v3 solution has hit the nail on the head in regards to functionality, commentary, security, scalability, device platforms (6 and counting!), data source connectivity and much more.  We even have a hidden feature that allows ANY company to rollout their enterprise applications through out application shell!    Huge bonus.  More to come.



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