Great Infographic: How Debt Can Destroy a Budding Relationship

I really enjoy using maps for business intelligence because they can provide some insight like no other objects can really show.  It is AMAZING to see the percent of students graduating from college with student loans.  Right in my own state of Washington it is 58% of these kids are graduating with average debt of over $18,000!   Remember, that is an average.   I wonder what percent is over $50,000 in debt?   Anyway, this is a wonderful example of good business intelligence.   Interesting that this is coming from…     So they are using our data and doing analytics off the people using their services.

Nobody likes unpleasant surprises, but when Allison Brooke Eastman’s fiancé found out four months ago just how high her student loan debt was, he had a particularly strong reaction: he broke off the engagement within three days.

Ms. Eastman said she had told him early on in their relationship that she had over $100,000 of debt. But, she said, even she didn’t know what the true balance was; like a car buyer who focuses on only the monthly payment, she wrote 12 checks a year for about $1,100 each, the minimum possible. She didn’t focus on the bottom line, she said, because it was so profoundly depressing.

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