Social Media Analytics at Extended Results

We are building a solution/service for bringing social media data like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and BLOGS into the enterprise and tying that with existing enterprise systems.    Our solution will track keywords in near real-time, pull that back to a SQL Server database and then be available for all kinds of analytics.  We found the current internet based social media analytics products are just WAY to limited, so we built one that is “Enterprise Ready”.

The below is an example of a retail solution that is being build.

  1. Our service is always polling on keywords defined by the store manager
  2. That social information is stored within our database
  3. We then take that social data and tie that to our inventory data
  4. We used SilverLight to animate the inventory by day chart so you can see inventory being consumed and social traffic on the same chart.  Amazing.  Check out the video link
  5. The map graphic allows you to see the social conversation by geo too

Great example of using the social conversation in a retail scenario.

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