A Great ROI Story by Enhancing Microsoft Excel with Extended Excel

We have a customer where we went in an analyzed their spreadsheet overload their analyst were experiencing.  The analyst were spending 65 minutes a day looking for information in their email, my documents, file share and SharePoint for spreadsheets and data critical to the business.

We reviewed all the spreadsheets and consolidated them down to just a hand full of critical ones and put the same UI and UX in each spreadsheet.  Then we loaded them up into SharePoint for document management and versioning.

Then we installed Extended Excel into their Microsoft Excel 2007 and pointed it to their SharePoint document library.  Now they have one click access to their critical spreadsheets and data connections.

We took the 65 minutes lost looking for data and reduced it to 3 minutes.  A $125,000 savings in lost salary time gained.

Great story.

More info: http://extendedresults.com/products/extendedexcel/

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