The Dashboard Demystified

Just read a good article on corporate dashboard projects.  I thought I would pass this on.

This article aims to provide a fundamental understanding of what a dashboard is and provide a brief look at what dashboards can do for an organization.  There is an abundance of dashboard literature out there and this article is a good starting point for those interested in a high level understanding of dashboards.

A dashboard is a business tool that displays a set of PIs (performance indicators), KPIs (key performance indicators), and any other relevant information to a business user.  Dashboard data is often displayed in real-time after retrieval from one or more data sources in a business. Dashboards are interactive, allowing an executive to drill into particular aspects of the display or switch between facets or views of the data. Key performance indicators need special consideration because they are high-level measurements of how well an organization is doing in achieving critical success factors – in other words, the goals or targets set by an organization in their strategic plani. Dashboards are composed of data visualization tools like charts, grids, gauges and maps. Many different sectors of many different businesses benefit from dashboards: both a miner determining where to drill from a map of a geographical area and a CEO deciding where to channel funds would benefit from dashboard use.

more at source…


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