Microsoft doesn’t play the (traditional) BI client game

This is a great article which I have to agree with, when I look at the new tools coming in 2010, I’m really just saying I’m getting more of the same.   Coming from another MSFT insider, Marco Russo…  :o)

I know, the title is provocative. It’s intentional. I’d like to get feedback about my opinion.

My point is simple (but not so short!). PowerPivot (which, you know, I like) and self-service BI are the new buzzwords for BI in Redmond. However, there are mature and solid technologies out there (read Analysis Services) which simply don’t have a correspondent client technology provided by Microsoft that takes advantage of all the SSAS capabilities. I know, I’m not talking about BI for the masses, I’m talking about a more “traditional” BI, that can be still a barrier to Microsoft technologies penetration in some companies. In fact, who has a solution based on another technology might be unlikely to migrate everything just to deliver some report to more users. Right or not, this is what happens in the real world.”

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