Do collaboration tools really increase employee productivity?

Just read this article about collaboration and time lost.  They say a person looses over $3,300 a year looking for information.   That is probably about right.  Our solution Extended Outlook and Extended Excel retrieves a large portion of that lost ROI and we have proven it several times within large organizations.   Do you need to install large web portal solutions or can you just wrap the information around the end-user with the tools they use everyday?

Did you know that the cost of not finding information is $3,300 per employee per year, according to IDC research? That’s crazy! IDC’s research credits ineffective searches; poor, inconsistent access tools; re-created content; reformats; and revisions as factors in causing employees to not find the information they need. So if you’re a midsized company with 500 employees, you’re talking $1,650,000 in productivity losses each year. In this economy, who can afford to take such a hit?


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