Untapped-Insights Launch in BusinessWire

I wanted to make sure you had picked up the announce in the press on Extended Results hosting a BI radio show starting in January here.  I’m very excited about the show and would encourage all of you to tweet and blog about it.

Think of the show as show creates a  forum for participation, so please feel free to email the show your questions untappedinsigths@extendedresults.com and we will queue up the appropriate ones for our hosts and guests.

Our hosts are people I’m sure you’ve heard of – Bruno Aziza and Joey Fitts – throught leaders in the space and authors of

We are very excited to have them hosting the show and they bring strong industry recognition but also have great experience at producing interactive, engaging and high-energy content!

For an example of what you will see on the show, see Bruno’s interview of our first guest, Bob O’Brien here.  Bob is Bob O’Brien, Senior Director Business Analytics, Media & Entertainment Group, Microsoft and he has a lot to share as you will hear!

Also – remember that you can connect with Bruno and Joey directly via twitter (@brunoaziza and @joeyfitts)  and sign up to their linkedin group – The Culture of Performance – here.



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