Search Engine Market Share in Excel 14 and Excel Services

We are really buying into the fact that a lot of our business reporting will be going back to Excel in the next version of Office 2010.  There are just a ton of new features in Excel 2010, SharePoint 2010 (with PPS) and Excel Services, PowerPivot, etc. coming and I’ll try and expend some blog space on some of the enhancements.

Instead of going from feature to feature in extreme detail, I would rather just create some dashboards with interesting data sets and post them to the blog.  There are several Microsoft BLOGs off of MSDN where you can get all the details.  Check my right pane for those links.   I figure if we replicate some interesting reports in Excel and the associated tools, you will have a better idea of what might be possible for your business scenario.

Below is some Search Engine market share data from Comscore that you can get on the web.   I took it and created a simple grid and then some charts off of it.  I decided not to use the traditional pie chart and found the following two charts provide some interesting visual perspectives.

The big battle of the Search engines is always an interesting topic.  

  1. The Doughnut chart is really good for pulling the segments out and so you can see good breakout of the market share.  It is clean and easy to understand to just about anyone.
  2. The Filled Radar is really excellent for understanding the scope of the domination by Google.  If you look into the web closely, you will see just a touch of green and that is Microsoft.   Amazing.


Below is Excel 2010, the rendering of the charts are basically the same from Excel 2007.   The power of Excel is this is so easy to do and you are done. 


Below is that same spreadsheet posted to SharePoint 2010 and rendered with Excel Services.   I was really hoping I would see some better gradients like you see above.  So I am a bit disappointed that I can’t replicate the above exactly.

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