SharePoint 2009 Conference – Day 2

Interesting Announcements:  SharePoint Beta2 will be available in Nov 2009; Visual Studio tools for Office 32 and 64 bit are available with VS 2010 beta 2.

Overall Feedback: MOSS2010 will support custom Silverlight web parts out of the box. Silverlight control shown here is a great step forward, however, I see some deficiencies in it. I hope MS will improve it for final release. 1st out of the box Silverlight web part is Media player. MOSS 2010 will have multiple namespaces dedicated to Silverlight (Microsoft.Sharepoint.Silverlight.dll).

Excel services will support multi user updates in SharePoint, similar to Google Docs and Google wave.

OBA – office business applications have full support for WPF. This gives us flexibility of creating WPF plugins for Office applications.  

REST – Microsoft is moving forward to REST full web services across server platform. MOSS 2010 will feature REST connectivity to many of its APIs, including SharePoint Lists, Excel services and much more. New release of data services CTP and Silverlight 4 will include new functionality to consume REST services. Extended Results is convinced that REST is the one of the best technologies out there and we have used it as a core technology for PushBI.

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