SharePoint 2009 Conference – Day 1

I’m enjoying being in Las Vegas – attending Microsoft SharePoint 2009  conference.     

I’m going to present my personal view on this event not in any way associated with Microsoft, its partners and employees.  🙂 I’ll try to keep up with events here, however, due to my plan to attend as many sessions and events as I can, I may miss some posts.

Before coming: It was very surprising to see that this event was sold out despite the current economic climate. I can imagine Microsoft was surprised as well.

1st day at the conference:

As expected, the topic of this conference is SharePoint 2010. There was NO official announcement on release dates for SharePoint, Visual Studio, and Office.   

Interesting Announcements: Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 is available on MSDN

Microsoft Office 2010 beta is shown during presentations. The question remains if VS 2010 Tools for office 2010 are finally available. Microsoft Office SharePoint service has been rebranded as Microsoft SharePoint Foundation to keep in line with WCF(Communication) and WPF(Presentation).

Overall feedback: Beginning from a key note (presented by Steve B), I have a pleasant feeling  that this event was targeted for Developers first, IT personnel second and Business users third. The key note was technical enough to grab my attention.

SharePoint 2010 seems like a step forward in the Microsoft Office family. Especially interesting aspect was introduction of the Microsoft Ribbon Bar to SharePoint. It is AJAX-driven user control in SharePoint 2010.

Finally Microsoft introduced development tools for SharePoint that are actually close to industry standards. 1st Developers will be able to host MOSS 2010 on their client machines: MOSS 2010 is supported on Vista and Win 7 64bit only. Visual Studio 2010 will be able to deploy/debug and step through the code on developer machines the same way it does for Win Apps. Functionality similar to ASP.NET trace with additional features will be available for SharePoint 2010.



Michael Nikitin
Extended Results – Dev Manager

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