Getting ready for my New York trip to present Personalized Business Intelligence

I’m pretty excited to be traveling to New York this week to present at the Microsoft offices to several media and entertainment companies.  We are going to be co-presenting with Microsoft on Personalized Business Intelligence and showing many of the recent products we have developed over the past several months.


First, I will be showing PushBI Desktop and Mobile business intelligence solutions that brings awareness to the entire organization whether they are in the office or out of office.  You can find out more information at


Second, I will be being showing two new products we have that we are launching October 19th called Extended Excel and Extended Outlook.  These two new ribbon and toolbars bring an organizations business intelligence reporting right into the Microsoft Office tools they use everyday.   We have been beta testing the solutions inside Microsoft for several months with tremendous success in productivity gains, cost savings and business performance awareness.   I will have separate blogs coming on each of these solutions the week of October 19th.  Check back in a couple weeks.


Then finally, I will be presenting how we are using Microsoft SilverLight for the Xbox Partner portal.  We have been building interactive business intelligence dashboards with SilverLight that have had some very interesting results.  SilverLight and Business Intelligence make for some very interesting custom solutions and interactivity when presenting our business performance data.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at for more information.  If you want to hook up for coffee and see some of these solutions, let me know.  I have some free time on Tuesday.  You can get a hold of me at and click on our Contact Us page.


Patrick Husting

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