Collaborative Business Intelligence 2009 Road show with Microsoft

I’m going to be traveling to 5 cities (New York, Kansas City, Dallas, Denver and Chicago) with the Microsoft Communications Sector group that focuses on Telecommunications and Media and Entertainment companies.  I will be doing sessions on Personalized Business Intelligence on the Microsoft platform of products (PushBI, Extended Excel, Extended Outlook and SilverLight BI). 

If you are a Telecommunications or Media and Entertainment employee and wish to attend one of these events, please let me know so I can get an invite out to you. Sorry, this is not for consulting companies, but actual industry companies. 

The events will be covering the following:

  • Highlight Microsoft Business Intelligence and Analytics Vision and Strategy,
  • Discuss how to effectively leverage your existing Business Intelligence investments, and
  • Provide overviews  and demos of our Partners’ Collaborative Business Intelligence solutions.
  • Identify and analyze customer accounts by profitability,
  • Create awareness of your most profitable customers through Business Intelligence dashboards,
  • Increase marketing efficiencies by identifying customer segments and expected buying behavior,
  • Quickly and effectively manage strategy with real time updates on through mobile phone, email and other familiar communication devices and tools,
  • Identify new revenue opportunities through share revenue analytics, and
  • Reduce IT management costs through and integrated, scalable infrastructure that provides quality data to applications, processes and people.

Please contact us at for more information on locations and times.  It should be a great event!

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