Can all the business intelligence companies be wrong? SELF-SERVE

For years we have been told to buy all these analytic tools, build these great dashboards, deploy them to a big servers and just tell your end users to go up to the server and get what they need to run their businesses.   I’ve been deploying a lot of these solutions for years and I just keep seeing the end users getting lost trying to find the data on those server   I mean, lots of lost time, just trying to find one metric and then filter/pivot/sort to the answer they want.  Then repeat the step for the next 5 to 10 metrics they need.

AND, we keep hearing more messaging around SELF-SERVE is coming in future versions of new BI tools.  That is Business Objectives, Cognos, Hyperion and of course my buddies at Microsoft.

What do you think when you hear the phrase SELF-SERVE???

1.   I think of the express checkout at Home Depot that just doesn’t seem to work unless you have 1 or 2 small items

2.   Or the ‘SELF-SERVE” ice cream stand and you end up with 20,000 more calories than you need.

I’m sorry, I just don’t buy the SELF-SERVE statement anymore.  I’m now a big believer in Personalized Business Intelligence.  What is that?   It is making the tools work like the end users work, not making the end users work like the tools work.   Personalizing business intelligence is about putting the monitoring/analytics/dashboards into the tools they use everyday.  Microsoft Office.  Period, end of sentence.

We are going on a road trip with Microsoft next month showing how we are deploying personalized business intelligence right at Microsoft and having a transforming affect in the business groups.   We’ll be sharing these great tools and ideas over the month of October on this blog.   Continue to check back  for more information.

Would love to hear your thoughts on “SELF SERVE”…


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