Maximizing your BI investment is all about the user hint hint

Hello, my name is Bryan Colyer, I will be periodically sharing my thoughts and observations on personalized business intelligence here in the blog.

Budget cuts, layoffs, slow growth, and don’t even think about missing a day of work, vacation, or calling in sick, it’s all hands on deck and it’s everyone working hard to get the job done and help the company improve. How do we empower our workforce to find the right information, make sure the right person gets the information, and make sure the information is delivered at the right time? DON’T BUY A NEW BI PLATFORM.

How about getting value from what you already own? Maximize your IT investment and get more of the work force to use business intelligence.  Use BI to help the company, help the workers do a better job, help them save their jobs. It has to make sense when the investment companies make in BI is used by 10% of the workforce and nobody else. Maximize your ROI on BI investments by getting more people to use the platform, your platform, the one you have, the one you’ve paid for, the one that’s using 10 % of its capacity maybe less.

It’s not the platform it’s the tool, it’s what we have given BI users in the past that isn’t working, they are frustrated and they don’t use the BI tools because they are difficult to use and take too much time to get the information. Give the users what they want. Give them the 5-10 KPI’s, metrics, or measures they can manage and let them know how they are performing with a tool that requires only a pulse from the user to understand. That is how you maximize your investment in BI.  Stop spending money, stop blaming the platform, don’t wait for the economy to recover, do something now.  Make a change, take a stand, and spread the word……It’s about the user, it’s about giving them the information and the tools they can use so our companies, our jobs, and our families survive and thrive.

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