Day 2 at the Microsoft WPC 2009 Conference. Momentum!!

Well we are having a great time at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner conference here in New Orleans.  Microsoft has been showing off some of the great new features coming in Windows 7 and Office 2010.  They haven’t shown any information on SharePoint or PerformancePoint.   They are keeping it all quiet until the SharePoint conference in October.  We are in the TAP program and spend a lot of time with the new SharePoint BI team so we have some great insight of all the new features in SharePoint.  Going to be exciting.   Running into a lot of my SharePoint BI friends at Microsoft, they are some of our best fans!  They are great!

For this trip, most of our time is spent talking and showing our new mobile business intelligence application called PushBI (   The Windows Mobile group has been highlighting it solid for a couple days now and just driving a ton of customer, partner and ISV interest in using our solution.  Have to admit, caught off guard on the interest.   Pretty awesome.

We have companies interested hooking it to other non-Microsoft platforms like SAP, Oracle and other very interesting platforms.  It is great seeing all the different ways our solution can be used.  I know when we get back from the trip, we are going to be VERY busy doing follow up work.

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