We are back online with our Business Intelligence blog


Ok, that was a little bit painful as we upgraded our blog software. We had to upgrade to a middle version and then upgrade again, but we finally got there. What a pain. Anyway, we are going to have some big changes to our blog site in the coming month as we rebrand our business intelligence consulting company Extended Results along with our of our BI assets (products and services).  We have been building some really amazing BI solutions t Microsoft and are going to be talking and slowing some of those solutions  on this blog, so please check back in the future.

We are pretty fortunate that we work and live only a couple miles from the Microsoft campus so we tend to know a lot of people at Microsoft and the direction they are going to take their business intelligence solutions.  So we are going to start a little bit of a different focus on our blog site to give you insight on where we believe Microsoft will be taking business intelligence over the next several years.  We see a lot of exciting changes coming…

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