Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2009, We are here!

We arrived on Sunday evening for the Microsoft Worldwide Partner conference in New Orleans.   Microsoft launched its new branded partner program, finally gone is that pretty ugly site and now they have a nice fresh look.   I look forward to all the changes they are making to the program.  There are a lot of much needed changes coming.  We are here because our PUSHBI solution is being shown in many sessions here focusing on Windows Mobile and Mobile Business Intelligence.  

We have a booth and have had a pretty steady flow of interested partners that would like to do implementation services around our software sales.  We sell the PUSHBI ( solution directly in the United States and we have a distributor in Europe, but we use partners to implement the solution outside the Pacific Northwest where we work and live.   Great model and we get introduced to all these other great BI companies around the world.  Great perk to the job.   We even have had several ISVs stop by wanting to know how they can OEM our solution into their products so that they can have a desktop and mobile BI solution.  Score!   The following is a picture of our booth and Bryan our Partner manager.

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