Is PerformancePoint Planning really DEAD?

What is the vision of Microsoft Corporate Performance Management now??

PPS Planning Dead??

SQL Gemini?

Excel Wins!!!

The product might be dead, but I’m betting all the smart people and IP will roll into the Office Excel product group and be aligned with SQL Gemini in 2010.   Or at least I hope so….   You see, in the years and years that I have be a part and around Microsoft, they breed competing groups that build sometimes the same products, just from different angles.   This is a classic case in point.   Microsoft’s just loves to stick it all into Excel since it is on everyone’s desktop already.    So if I can get better ad-hoc and published web reports from Excel, so be it.

So I look forward to the next Business Intelligence conference, if they do one, which will give us the long term vision of Microsoft Business Intelligence toolset.   This is a GREAT opportunity for the Microsoft product group leads to rethink the vision and knock it out of the park.

Me?  I am even more excited about the future possibilities of Microsoft Business Intelligence platform

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