Extended Analytics 2008 for use with QuickBooks

It has been a REALLY busy year at Extended Results our consulting company.  We have had some tremendous growth in regards to customers and employees along with generating some new and interesting intellectual property.  I have been using QuickBooks for years for my different companies and I found it to be a great program for managing my ERP needs on a small/mid scale.  But this year with all the growth, we had a need for some business intelligence functionality to run the business better.   Since there is nothing on the market for QuickBooks for BI, we decided to write it ourselves and start marketing it.  It is called Extended Analytics 2008 and you can find out more at http://www.ExtendedAnalytics.com.

We just got it all approved through the QuickBooks licensing/developer program and have begun marketing it to QuickBooks ProAdvisors.   We have been surprised with the response and purchases since the release.  Very exciting.  The solution is totally drag and drop and meant to be brain dead easy to use…  [:)]

The following screenshot is an example of a Scorecard you can drag and drop right onto your dashboard along with some rich Dundas charts showing your revenue vs. expenses.

You can have multiple analytic charts that can be dragged and dropped into different zones.

Lots of screenshots and feature lists can be found at the product web site which can be visited at http://www.ExtendedAnalytics.com

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