End-User Adhoc Report Building for PerformancePoint and SharePoint

One request we get all the time is “give us the ability to drag and drop and create our own reports“.  PerformancePoint really doesn’t have any end-user report writing features to do that.  Sure you can drill across and down, but you really can’t drop in our own measures and dimensions on a blank report and save it out for later use.   Sure, you could do it wih the OWC control, but that is being retired out and I wouldn’t recommend using it anyway

So, we have engineered a web based solution, very lite, to give us the end-user reporting writing functionality our customers are demanding.  So we provide this as an add-on to our PerformancePoint projects and have received some great responses from it.  It is a very light weight web application that can connect to your existing OLAP cubes and allows you within an AJAX interface to do your own drag and drop functionality.

Below is an example of a GRID with areas to drag and drop measures, rows and filters.

The following example is one of our reports but displayed in a PIE chart.  One of the neat features in our application is you can switch between all kinds of charting options like bar (vertical and horizontal), pie, area, line, spline and many others.

Some of the other features are

  • Connect to multiple OLAP data sources
  • Turn on and off drop zones
  • Create/Modify/Rename/Delete Reports
  • Save XML copy of report to your desktop
  • Color schemes
  • Printing
  • Email Chart
  • and more

I’m going to save myself a few emails, no, I’m not going to give this away free.  [:)]   Normal time to implement is 1 to 2 weeks and we offer it as a service more than a product.

Hope you enjoyed the write-up


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