Resolving Repeating Property Columns on Scorecards with Multiple Time Members Present

 Example of Issue:  Exec Owner, and Update Frequency both custom KPI Properties repeat illustrating an instance for both time members FY08 and FY09. The desired effect is to show the YTD Target and Actual repeat for FY08 and FY09 but render the Properties just once.



Steve Handy, a member of the PPS Product Team shared the following steps to achieve application of multiple time slices without repeating Property Columns:

1.       The unfortunate caveat:  You can do this only right most columns.  It’s not possible to do this for left most columns if you want the members to come from a dashboard filter.  The work around makes use of the fact the filters only replace members for the first hierarchy on the scorecard.

2.       OK, so the real first step:  Add a target and Property (i.e. person responsible) to scorecard columns.  KPI’s are on rows.

3.       Next, drag the “All” member of any dimension (other than time) and place above the Target column while pressing the [Shift] key.  The result should look like this:

Add additional metrics you want to repeat under “All” member:

4.       In the dashboard, connect the Time Filter to the scorecard columns axis.

5.       Publish changes

6.       Deploy the scorecard

7.       The result is as shown:



This only works, as indicated earlier, if the column you don’t want to repeat is added at the Right end of the scorecard and it is not a child of the “All” member.



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