More PPS M&A SP1 Features/Fixes

PerformancePoint Monitoring Server SP1 includes the following enhancements:

·         Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2008

·         Add a default display condition report view (see related blog post)

·         Multi-select Monitoring server filters passing to multi-select SQL Server Reporting Services report parameters

·         Time Intelligence Post Filter formula date corrections

o   In some instances filters were passing a one day offset, this is resolved

o   Date format of filter will now honor localized formats

·         Negative numbers will not cause a text wrap in scorecards

·         Dashboard filter performance improvements

·         Expand/collapse functions work properly with hidden parent KPI members

·         Updated sample data file

·         Tabular filter support

·         Multi-select filters can now be passed to a Strategy Map report view

·         Limit of 1,000 characters in an MDX expression for KPIs has been removed

·         No longer blocked from using SQL Server 2008 as a data source (NOTE: full support for 2008 is coming in SP2, we just won’t prevent you from running on it with SP1)

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