Integrate SharePoint Web Parts into a PerformancePoint Server Dashboard

I saw this question on an internal Microsoft alias, so I answered it and several people like the answer so I figured I should blog it…

Question:  What are the possibilities for combining Dashboard elements (KPIs, scorecards, filters and reports) with SharePoint elements (e.g. as shown below: list of links, announcement and shared documents)? Can this be accomplished through PerformancePoint Server / Dashboard Designer or do we have to construct the page from SharePoint using the different webparts, including Dashboard elements?

You can also do this, we have done this numerous times, works well.   I have also presented this “how-to” at the Office and SharePoint developer conferences recently.

  1. Create a blank .ASPX page using SharePoint Designer
  2. Drop your desired “List” onto the page
  3. Link the page with your site style sheet, so it looks pretty
  4. Save the page and remember the URL
  5. Open PPS M&A Designer
  6. Create a NEW Web Page Report View
  7. Enter the URL from above
  8. Go to your Dashboard page and drop that report view where you want it.
  9. Publish ALL and then Publish Page to SharePoint.
  10. Done.

Example Screen

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