ODC 2008 Architecture Track

From my session sponsors web site….

It’s Showtime Folks: T-1 Week to ODC 08 and a terrific Architecture track!

Well folks, the ODC is a week away, and the Architecture Track team is all set to deliver a compelling track that will hopefully leave you well educated about the capabilities of the Office System as a Business Solutions Platform, and yearning for more!

The final list of track sessions can be found at the following URL:


We have a number of top SharePoint/Office MVPs and MS folks who live & breathe the Office System day in and day out, ready to rock your days at the conference.

If you are amongst the Solution Architects or Techno Business Decision Makers who are wondering or want to learn more about what all this is buzz about Office Business Applications (OBAs) and the Office System as a Business Solutions platform is all about, then the ODC 08 Architecture track is the train that you need to ride from start to finish.

The track’s single and focused overarching theme is “The Business Solution Platform capabilities of the Office System and OBAs – Office Business Applications”. The track sessions are categorized into the following 3 broad sub-themes:

Fundamentals: Office System Platform capabilities related to enabling compelling Business Solution User Experiences, Business Intelligence, and BPM solutions to extend the reach of investments in Line of Business systems & applications, across an enterprise/organization. Sessions related to this theme will also help you wade the maze of MS platform offerings of pertinence to these areas, how they relate to and interplay with teh Office System to enable rich information worker and user productivity, and provide prescriptive guidance on making the optimal technology choices in these areas to land solutions that meet your business needs.

Cutting Edge:  Composite Solutions Architectures, the benefits of composite solutions development, composite solution platform requirements, and how composite solutions can be materialized using the Office System will be the “cutting edge” theme for the Architecture track at ODC 08. A very cool and new open source “OBA Composition Reference Toolkit” will be announced and demonstrated to illustrate the related concepts and capabilities. Without giving too much away… if you ever wondered what Web 2.0 mashup experiences like those enabled by Popfly for the social communities could possibly mean to an enterprise/business…you should not miss seeing this work that we will be demoing and announcing in both the opening session of the Architecture track (to be delivered by Javed Sikander, a Senior Director in the Platform Architecture team at MSFT) and in the deeper drill down session on building composite Office Business Applications (delivered by your’s truly).

Real World: The application of OBA concepts and solution architectures in the real world. Related sessions will include a presentation delivered by the MCS team on their real world experiences in deploying SharePoint and Office Business solutions, sessions that describe solution architectures adopted by real world ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics and SAP to integrate with the Office System and extend the reach of their solutions, and industry focused sessions delievered by leading Microsoft Industry experts who will talk about how OBAs are being adopted and used in the Financial Services and the Public Sector industries.

All in all…it should be a terrific show in the Architecture track. I look forward to greeting you all at the ODC in a week from now.

Make sure to attend the opening session of the Architecture track on Monday Feb 11th at 1:30PM. This is a track keynote type session delivered by Javed Sikander (Senior Director, Platform Architecture, MSFT) that will provide you a broad overview of the focus domain for the Architecture track, and will include teasers + pointers to the many following drill down Architecture track sessions that will be delivered across the 3 days.

Regards, Karthik

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