Link several reports to a single KPI enabling discriminative report rendering in PPS dashboards

Today we have another blog entry by Kristi Taylor who does a lot of PPS M&A and Planning projects for us.   

Here is an example I built for allowing users the option to select alternative views of charts and reports designed specifically for each KPI:


Here are the steps to follow:
1. Right click on the Zone to host the Reports and change the Settings to Stacked, this will allow a user to select one of many chart views associated with a KPI via a drop down list.

2. Drag all reports you you would like in your drop down list to the host Zone. Complete the setup for all of your host Zone’s and Reports

3. Due to a current PPS bug, prior to moving forward you must go to your Workspace Browser (left payne) and simply click on the Scorecard containing the KPI’s you are about to link. Once it renders in preview for you, you can move forward linking KPI’s successfully.

4. From your Scorecard Zone highlight “Display Condition”, drag and drop onto each Report in the box that states “Drop fields to create links” this will pop up a Display Condition for you to edit. Simply select the KPI you want to associate with the report. Repeat for all reports you desire to link to a KPI.

Notice in my example screen below, I have 2 Reports in the Top Row Zone and one Report in the Bottom Row Zone. All of these reports are linked to the same KPI “Moss Server Licenses”.  The results will be a dropdown in the stacked Top Row Zone enabling the user to view the alternative Report “Moss Server Licenses by Pricing Level”. The Bottom Row Zone only contains one Report view (so it is not stacked) and will render under the Top Row Zone Reports when KPI selection = “Moss Server Licenses”

5. Save Changes and Publish Dashboard to Sharepoint

Here it is, notice nothing has rendered yet to the right of the Scorecard:

When a user clicks on Moss Server Licenses KPI both my Top and Bottom Row Zone Reports render.

And if the user clicks on the “drop down” in the Top Row Zone they can select the alternative Report View:

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