Nasty little Dashboard bug with Monitoring and Analytics

So if you publish a dashboard to MOSS (SharePoint Portal) and you have click events to charts on KPIs, you might notice a bug when you click on the kpi no charts show.   A quick fix is being worked on, but you might need a work around to get your dashboards working correctly.  So do the following and it should clear it up.

1.       Open dashboard designer and pulled down the Patrick Test dashboard into a workspace.

2.       View the scorecard you are linking in the dashboard designer.  In this case, I opened the MBD scorecard in the designer.

3.       Now, edit the display condition in the dashboard designer.  Make a change and click OK.

4.       Edit the display condition again – undoing your last change and click OK.

5.       Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each view linked to a KPI.

6.       Now republish your dashboard.

7.       Re-export and you should be good to go.


Thanks Alyson

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