Installing PerformancePoint Server Monitoring and Analytic WebParts

You might run into this in the future and it took a while to find the information on how to do this.  Got easier when I headed over to building 31 where the PPS group is located to get the answer.  [:)]

Anyway, I have a scenario where I have two SharePoint Collections on the same server which basically means I have two ports for two web sites.   I can install PPS M&A just find on one of the ports, but I need to install the webparts into the second port.  Boy, that was tough to figure out and the PPS M&A Configuration Wizard doesn’t help.  What you have to do is run the following STSADM command, it is a SharePoint command line.  Run the following STSAdm command to deploy the webparts solution ( to the SharePoint site. Replace Your_SharePoint_Site_URL with the URL of the SharePoint site including the port number (example: http://websiteserver:81/)

stsadm.exe -o deploysolution -name -url  http://websiteserver:81/ -local -allowgacdeployment –force 

Then you need to compare the web.config of the working PPS install to the web.config of the new sharepoint collection and move items over.   You can find those changes in the <configsections>, <appsettings>, <configuration> under <bpm>

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