PerformancePoint Server 2007 Monitoring and Analytics: KPI Bulk Editing

I have a guest editor today by the name of Kristina McGraw.  She just joined us last month and has working hard on a PPS Monitoring and Analytics project and she would like to share one of her favorite features.

The new KPI “Bulk Edit” functionality released in CTP4 was made for me. For one, I am a person who likes to “get an early start” on projects. This may sound good in theory but often times it leads to hours of re-work as requirements ultimately always change. In addition, I am almost freaky about efficiency and although I expect to “fine tune” my work, sitting for hours on end redundantly applying the same edit to hundreds of KPI’s can be cumbersome to say the least.


KPI “Bulk Editing” therefore is my favorite CTP4 discovery (so far).  I initially used it to simply change the indicator symbol for a handful of KPI targets. I extended the use to a few more simple edits like changing the number format and then it dawned on me, I could use this not only to reactively make edits based on client requirements changing but I could proactively plan on using the tool and take my “early start” plan to the next level. I can build the framework for all of my KPI’s and plan on making a “Bulk Edit” to generate my specific targets and map to my data source later.


Here is how to use it:


·         Select the KPI Folder containing all KPI’s which you want to edit (If you have many folders for the same project, create a high level folder to place them all under and select this folder)

·         Highlight the KPI’s you want to change and click on the “Bulk Edit” tab in the ribbon


·         The first screen in the wizard is simply owner and folder storage structure. The second screen actually enables the editing of each *shared component of your KPI’s. Just follow the wizard to finish, publish and refresh and voila, you have in three steps made multiple changes to your KPI’s.

*If your KPI’s have variances in Targets for example, you wouldn’t see the detailed information such as Y/Y Change, Prior Year Close etc as seen in the screen below, rather you would see Target(1), Target(2) etc. Moving forward with new projects, I may address this and ensure all KPI’s are in synch by simply adding all KPI’s at a “generic” Actual level and  simply add all my specific Targets via the bulk edit later.

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