Thresholds: Using the Banded by Stated Score (Advanced)

Not many people know and I got a chance to use it on a project.  But if you have thresholds down to your member level, it would be great to automatically have your banding change with it right?  Well, there is this little known feature, that a lot of people glance over, is “Band by Stated Score (Advanced)” that will allow you to do it.  Here are some simple steps to get started using it.

First and foremost, you need a measure for banding that relates to your members within the fact table.  If you don’t, you could use fixed values to see how it works.

1.  Change your Banding method to “Band by stated Score”

2. Click the Specify Data Mapping button

3. Now map your threshold to the appropriate measure in the cube.

4. Oops, forgot to mention that your banded stated score needs to be returned is a simple decimal.  You can figure our the calculated measure you will need to create in SSAS.   Look at the following example of my banding.  Pretty straight forward.

Now publish it and give it a try! 



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