Swivel and Embedding charts walk through

Well, I know this is suppose to be about PerformancePoint Server and Microsoft Business intelligence, but sometimes you cannot resist talking about some other products.  I like to analyze some of the new web 2.0 companies out there because we have one under development.  We I have posted about Swivel in the past but hear a podcast about them and thought I would check them out again.  Swivel is interesting and can be found at http://www.swivel.com.  Not sure about the money making model, but it does have some interesting functionality and possibilies.

I created a data set and posted the following graph on Video game console sales.   Then you can embed the graph into your web site with a simple include tag.

PS1, PS2, Xbox, GameCube, and GBA

Kind of a bummer you really do not have that much control over the graph, even editing the data set is done offline and you need to reupload your data set.  Kind of a pain. 

Anyway, it is fun to play with and they said they have over 1 million graphs created.   When you really break it down, they have less than 4,000 members but when you upload a data set, it creates a ton of charts.  Interesting web 2.0/Analytics company.  I’m going to watch them for a while and see what happens.   They are trying to integrate with Yahoo functionality so I bet they are hoping to be purchased by Yahoo.  [:)]


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