Breaking down the PerformancePoint Server 2007 Monitoring Ribbonbar: Part 2

Ok, onto the next tab in the Ribbonbar….   The CREATE tab allows you to create all kinds of elements for your scorecards.  The really nice feature here is when you create something, you now have Wizards to help you build your scorecard elements.   My company created the Scorecard Wizard that you will see in CTP2.  Now you have over 30+ scorecards to choose from and Concerto will automatically generate them for you.  Pretty cool.

  • Scorecard: Brings up a Wizard to help you build your scorecards and elements.  Very cool and not just because we wrote the code for it.  [:)]
  • KPI: Wizard to help your create KPIs
  • Indicators: Create Indicators
  • Data Sources: Create Data Sources.  All types of data sources.
  • Other Reports: Remember all the Report Views you associated to KPIs and Scorecards.  Now you can create them once and use them everywhere.   I love this…
  • Web Page: Create a reportview that links to a web page.
  • Chart: Create a chart.  Yea, it is still OWC.  I hope that changes in a later CTP build…
  • Strategy Map: Create a strategy map.  Look, it is spelled wrong.   [:)]

I’ll break down the other Ribbonbars tomorrow.

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