Breaking down the PerformancePoint Server 2007 Monitoring: Create KPI: Part 10

Creating KPIs are a bit different in Concerto.  The following screens outline some of the steps when creating a KPI within the new tool.

You need to switch over to the Create tab and click the KPI button.


You need to enter a name and folder like you did in BSM.


The KPIs get laid out in this new grid which I do like.  Some of the interaction with the measures are a bit strange and I’m sure it will get refined in the next build.


If you click on the Target name, you will get a button below that will allow you to set the indicator and the banding.  Just remember to load the indicator into your workspace first as it will not be available when you are setting the banding.   I hope that change that too in a later version.   The banding interface is still a bit round, but it should get better.   I hope it will allow me in the future to set targets at a dimension level easier.


Here is an example of adding a Trend measure to the list.  Look at all those banding settings…  [:)]

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