Breaking down the PerformancePoint Server 2007 Monitoring: Work Area: Part 7

The Work Area is where all the action takes place.  When you click on an Item in the Workspace Browser, the Work Area will change to the appropriate view.   This is layout is much more efficient, but is different from BSM2005 and will take you just a few times through to figure out the new work flow.  But it is pretty straight forward.

The following screen shows how the KPI work area layout.  You will notice you see a quick snapshot of all the elements plus a visual of the indicators.  Nice.  Click on the values in the columns to have the details of that click shown below.

Now you FINALLY have a scorecard preview in the builder.  [:D]  Now you can do all kinds of layout tweaks with the Ribbonbar to get your scorecard to look just right without having to publish and view it in the SharePoint portal.

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