Breaking down the PerformancePoint Server 2007 Monitoring: Workspace Browser: Part 6

The Workspace Browser works and actions like the old Business Scorecard Manager 2005.   The couple nice enhancements that I have seen in this CTP1 are two things.

  1. It works and runs a lot faster!   How often do we install a new version of a Microsoft product only to see it run 10% or 20% slower.  Well, not in this version!  It runs a heck of a lot faster.   Good job Concerto developers!  Keep that up.
  2. The other great feature to point out is that if you enter a FOLDER for a KPI, that folder will not be exposed in the treeview.   Now you can group those KPIs and actually seen them grouped in their folders.

Note: None of the Right-Clicking is enabled in CTP1 which makes using Concerto a big slow to you.  You always have to go to the Ribbonbar to do anything.  Hate that, but it is fix in the CTP2 coming out of development on daily build cycles.

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