Breaking down the PerformancePoint Server 2007 Monitoring Ribbonbar: Part 4

Almost done!  Now we are onto the EXPORT tab.  Hey, how many of you always wanted to export your scorecards to another application.  We did, we wrote KPIFinder to do that to all the Office applications and Microsoft purchased the IP from us in May 2006.  Now it is found in Concerto along with other export formats.   Very nice….

  • Export Wizard: Brings up a blank Wizard screen.  I’ll take that that feature is not done…  [:)]
  • SharePoint: This will allow you to export the scorecard to SharePoint.  I believe this feature will go away with the new portal features they are building for CTP2.
  • Excel: Publishes the scorecard to Excel.
  • PowerPoint: Publishes the scorecard to PowerPoint.
  • SQL Reporting Services: Publishes the scorecard to Reporting Services.
  • ASP.NET: Publishes out to an ASP.NET page.  Hey, this will allow ISP’s to integrate scorecards into their application.  Good idea.

Ok, one more post to go on the Ribbonbar!!  Woohooo!

Happy Scorecarding


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