Breaking down the PerformancePoint Server 2007 Monitoring Ribbonbar: Part 3

Ok, this is a bigger job than I thought. [:P]   Here you will find what is under the DESIGN tab.   The Design tab allows you to modify the KPI formatting options.  It also provide styles for toolbar options, etc.   All these things where hidden in BSM, so it is nice having it exposed.

  • Font & Cell: Great for formatting the KPIs in the scorecard.
  • Alignment: Allows you to organization the KPIs within the scorecard.
  • Select Indicator:  This is really nice, now you can preview and modify the indicators much easier.
  • Picture from File: This allows you to load an indicator into the scorecard.
  • Reset Indicator:  Undo your changes to the indicator.
  • Update: Updates the scorecard view.
  • View Options: Allows you to update specific attributes of the scorecard.  Like how to treat Zeros or Nulls, etc.
  • Toolbar Options:  What you can turn on and off for the toolbar.
  • Properties: It was greyed out, but it is probably the basic properties like before.
  • Clear Formatting: Removes all formatting you applied to the scorecard.
  • Transpose:  Love this feature, pivot the rows and columns.  This Rocks!
  • Definition: Doesn’t work.  Future feature.
  • Delete All: Delete all elements on the scorecard.
  • Delete Columns: Deletes all the elements on the columns of the scorecard.
  • Delete Rows: Deletes all the elments on the rows of the scorecard.

Happy Scorecarding


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