Trip: Off to New York this week to show off a new solution

Well I’m off to New York this week to attend the Business for Social Responsibility Conference ( to show off a new solution we released a couple weeks ago called Worldview CSR.   I have built custom Corporate Responsibility solutions in the past for customers, but when I formed my own company, I thought it would be great to do a version 2 of the solution and turn it into a commercial product.   I have to admit, we are a bit overwhelmed by the positive response to the application.   So I am looking forward to attending the conference, visiting with past associates, making new friends and showing them our new product.

It is a pretty cool product, we even built in the ability to create Citizenship KPIs right into the application and chart them out in 3D.  The image below is not in 3D, but gives you the basic idea.   We are in the process of developing the web version which will have an interface to PerformancePoint Server Monitoring.   That is pretty cool.  

We capture just a ton of information and data points around managing your labor and supply change and have that stored in a very specialized database.  Because of this we have the ability to provide very advanced analytics around your factory supply chain.  We have full reporting capabilities in the product too.

You can find out more about this product at, there are reseller and integration service opportunities should you be working in organizations that need this type of solution.  Contact me if you are interested.


PS:  I’m also visiting a very cool organization in New York to talk PerformancePoint Server 2007.  We are going to be discussing a Scorecarding and Analytics project with them.    We have a working prototype of their scenario and we hope to knock their socks off.

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