Much needed Hotfix coming for BSM, Dynamic Row Members based Page Filters

I’ve been working with a beta release of a new hotfix coming from the Business Scorecard Manager product group that will give you the ability to have dynamic rows, based on the page filter using an MDX expression.   Works great and we are very pleased the product group bumped this up to top priority for us.   We have been using it to drive user context level scorecards.  An example is having managers log onto a SharePoint page and pass their credentials to the Scorecard and see a list of direct reports and their performance.

We did have to create a UserContext webpart that authenticate and passes parameters to a scorecard.   A bunch of C# code wrapped into a SharePoint webpart.  Very cool stuff!   If you need functionality like this, email me, we will sell the source code for a price.  :o)

I’m not sure when the hotfix will be releasing, but it is worth getting if you need dynamic rows.



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