Moving from Development to Test to Production with Business Scorecard Manager Workspaces

I get this question a lot and there is really no easy way within BSM 2005 to do this.   One of the issues is when you move from server to server with your solution, you need to change out the development server name with the test or production server names.  If you do this within BSM, you need to open every Data Source and change it.  That is easy.  BUT, you also need to do it for every REPORT VIEW, that is hard and painful because when you change the data source, the whole view, like a pivot chart, we default to blank.  Ouch…

So basically here is what we do on every project.   The BSM Workspace is an XML file that you can open within NOTEPAD and do a global search and replace for server names.

  • Make sure we have unique names for a development and test servers.  We do this because it allows us to quickly search and replace names.
  1. Backup your BSM project workspace.
  2. Replace your http:// name first. 
  3. Replace your data source server name next.
  4. Save your file as TST_workspacename.bsw, move it to the server your which to deploy and Publish ALL.

Workspace Naming Conventions
We use the following which might be helpful for you too.

Development Server: DEV_workspacename.bsw
Test Server: TST_workspacename.bsw
Production Server:  PROD_workspacename.bsw:

We’ll also append a version number to the end of the workspacename when we move these between servers.


Patrick Husting

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